Handsonhiphop sat down with Rapper Big Pooh to discuss his inspirations, mainstream music, his Atlantic Records situation and more!

Handsonhiphop: Let’s take them back a bit, when you stated rapping, who gave you your very first break into the industry?

RBP: The first break I/we got was by Beni B. of ABB Records. A guy he had working for him at the time heard some of our songs via the internet (before the internet was the status quo as far as getting recognized) and passed them to Beni.

Handsonhiphop: For those who don’t know, how did your situation with Atlantic come about and are you still signed to them?

RBP: We had been pursued by most of the major labels for about a year. We ended up at Atlantic because the independent label we were signed to, ABB, felt Atlantic was the best route for them as well as us.

Our deal with Atlantic ended in 07.

Handsonhiphop: In terms of your music career, what is the one moment that you look back and you think..wow?

RBP: It’s been a few. One of the moments is visiting Pete Rock’s crib earlier in my career. Having one of the people you grew up listening to as a kid now being a fan of the music you are making and then inviting you to his home.

Handsonhiphop: Currently, who are the people that inspire you creatively, if any?

RBP: Nobody specific. Always inspired when I hear a song that I wish I did or an album that’s well put together but true inspiration has to come from within.

Handsonhiphop: We need to know.. what is your TOP 5 off ALL TIME!?

RBP: Everyone has their own version of a top 5. Mine would consist of in no particular order, Rakim, B.I.G., Scarface, Nas, JayZ

Handsonhiphop: Mainstream vs Backpacking, what's your take, why are real EMCEEs not getting the respect they deserve?

RBP: Real Emcees get respect, they just don’t get crazy airplay. Then you have real emcees that choose to dumb down a little in order to appeal to the masses. The game isn’t set up for real emcees to prosper as real emcees on the same level as a lot of the music that’s being put out. Every once and a while a artist will come thru and be the exception like Kanye did, Kendrick, etc.  We are told the masses don’t want to think, they just want to party. We are told the masses aren’t smart enough to consume what the emcees are providing. The people have the power to change a lot of things but they don’t.

Handsonhiphop: From DaeOne to Black Milk and any other producers u worked with, whose beats brought the best out of you and which beat still makes you wanna go crazy?

RBP: I think they all bring out something different in me. That’s the beauty of working with different producers and beat makers.

Handsonhiphop: Which worldwide destination, anywhere out of the US do u wish to travel to and perform, seeing that you have a global reach and fans that would wanna see you live?

RBP: I still want to get to South Africa and return to Japan.

Handsonhiphop: Recent colabs, which MC have u had that chemistry with, that reallÿ bring out the creativity in you?

RBP: Out of all of the collabs I have done, working with Joe Scudda still helps to bring out the best in me. We have a chemistry that goes back a decade.

Handsonhiphop: Who can we look forward to you working with in the near future, what project are in store for you?

RBP: I recently did a joint with Smoke DZA, Mac Miller, and Ab-Soul. I did something with Nitty Scott.

I have my EP, “Happy Birthday, Thomas” coming soon with a guest appearance by Jared Evan

Handsonhiphop: Finally where can the people find you and stay up-to-date, twitter, facebook?





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